Patter's Eggs

Egg Day

Reading Comprehension for June 3

It was early summer. The trees were full of leaves. The grass was tall around the pond where Patter lived. Patter was a spotted duck, and she wanted to make a nest.

She waddled away from the pond to find the right place. A nest had to be warm and dry to keep the eggs safe. The chickens kept their eggs in the hen house. She would look there first.

Patter walked to the hen house and up the ramp. She looked at the big white and brown eggs the hens left in the nest boxes. Patter liked the soft dried grass that filled the boxes and covered the floor. This could be a great place for a duck nest, she thought.

Just then, the farmer's wife came in with a basket. She picked up the eggs and shooed Patter out. The hen house was a very bad place for duck eggs! Patter was sad. She had to start looking all over again.

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