Paying Your Phone Bill

Imagine life without a phone. Almost scary, isn't it? Both home phones and cell phones are ways to keep in touch with other people. But if you don't pay your bill, you might end up disconnected!

Bills for home phones and cell phones are very similar. Usually, they come once a month. Like all bills, you need to look over your phone bill before you pay it. As always, make sure your name and address appear correctly on the bill. Take note of the service dates. Make sure they gave you credit for paying last month's bill. Then start looking at the charges.

First, there is a monthly service charge. This is usually a set fee that you agreed to pay when you signed up for your phone service. For your home phone, it is usually payment for your local service. This means that you are not charged separately for each local call you make. You pay one price for all local calls as well as the wire and other equipment the phone company installed in your home.

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