Poppy's Shopping Spree

National Parfait Day

Reading Comprehension for November 25

Poppy had never had so much money! While the next-door neighbors were away on a trip, she had taken care of their dog, Smoochie. She had earned $10 a day by feeding and walking the dog, for a total of $70. She was saving some of her earnings, and she was giving a small amount to a children's shelter. That still left some to spend. Her big sister, Phoebe, had offered to take her on a shopping spree.

First they had gone to a music store. Poppy wanted to buy a CD, but she took a long time deciding between two of her favorite artists. She finally chose one because it was cheaper. While she was choosing music, Phoebe was picking out a new CD by listening to sample music with headphones. Poppy paid for her CD and then had to wait for Phoebe.

"Come on!" Poppy urged her exasperating sister. "Decide already, so we can go!"

Phoebe made a face, but she at least she removed the headphones and took her choice to the counter. Poppy fidgeted by the door, anxious to head to their next stop.

When Phoebe caught up with her she said, "Don't be such a pain in the you-know-what."

"Don't be one yourself," Poppy retorted.

Their next stop was at a jewelry boutique. Poppy wanted to get a new pair of earrings. After admiring the animal ones, she chose a pair of small, dangling silver horses. She glanced around for Phoebe and saw her in front of the necklace display. Phoebe bought two necklaces for herself. It was beginning to look like this was a shopping spree for Phoebe instead of Poppy.

The sports store was next on Poppy's list. Since her mother wouldn't agree to buy her a new pair of shin guards for soccer, Poppy decided to get them herself. She liked the ones that were built into the socks. Her friend, Caitlin, wore that kind. Now they would be twins!

Phoebe was nowhere in sight. Finally Poppy found her browsing in the clothing section. "Hey, which running suit do you like better?" she asked Poppy. "The pink or the blue?"

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