President Clinton, Vice President Gore, and the Environment

The 2000s began on a good note for the environment. During the years when Bill Clinton was president and Al Gore was vice president, we had seen ups and downs for the environment. However, during that time, many actions were completed that had positive environmental effects. A first step on other important environmental matters was taken during the same time.

The Clinton-Gore administration tackled environmental issues on several fronts. One of these areas was clean air and water. Another was protecting expanses of unspoiled land. A third was energy.

To keep our water clean, toxic waste sites were cleaned up. New requirements instructed companies to report on toxic chemicals to the communities. They also instructed water companies to report on the quality of their drinking water.

Standards were adopted for air quality. These new standards have reduced the pollution from cars, trucks, and SUVs. Plans were made to continue with more improvements over the following years.

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