Princess Pru's Party

National Splurge Day

Reading Comprehension for June 18

Princess Pru lived in Corella. She had a big room in the family castle all to herself. On one side of her room was a huge closet. It was stuffed full of clothes because of her shopping habits.

Nothing made Pru as happy as spending money did. She did not just spend, she splurged. Every week she went to the shops and bought things. Many times she got things she did not need.

Princess Pru never went shopping alone. She always took her friends Ann and Margie with her. The trouble was that she never bought anything for them. Not a button, bow, or dress. They thought that Pru was a very selfish princess.

One day, Ann and Margie were trying to stuff more new clothes into Pru's closet. It was very hard finding any room at all, because it was already full. Pru was taking a nap because shopping made her tired.

"It's no use, Margie," said Ann. "There is no more room in here. We can't fit these new things in. I wish Pru would give at least half of this stuff away."

"Yes," agreed Margie. "She has not even worn many of the things. They are still new. I wish she would give them to us. I would love to have some of these clothes."

"I am getting tired of having such a selfish friend," said Ann. "It's no fun being around her most of the time. Pru only thinks of herself."

"I can't figure out why she is so tired," said Margie. "We're the ones who have to put all of her things away."

Princess Pru lay on her bed. She had her eyes closed, but she was awake. It shocked her to hear her friends talking like that behind her back. At first she started to get angry, but then she wondered if their words were true. She thought back to many of the times they did things together. She could not remember a time when she had given gifts to her friends. Pru began to feel guilty.

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