Pumpkin Pie Holiday

"Yay! It's Pumpkin Pie Day!" Tracy said to her brother, Scott, when she met up with him in the hallway early on December 25.

Scott rubbed his eyes. He was still sleepy, but he and his sister always got up early on Christmas. He was eager to see if any gifts were under the tree.

"Huh? Pumpkin Pie Day?" he said with a yawn.

"Yes," Tracy said. "We always have fresh pumpkin pie on holidays like this, remember?"

"I guess," Scott said. He didn't understand why this was so important to his sister.

"Maybe Mom will let us have some for breakfast," Tracy said. "Race you downstairs."

Scott and Tracy ran down the stairs. Scott headed to the living room to see the tree. Tracy headed to the kitchen, hoping for some pumpkin pie.

"Good morning," Mom said. She was just pouring herself a cup of coffee. "How are you today?"

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