Punctuality is a popular character trait. It is especially prized by doctors and dentists. Patients who are late mess up their schedules and cause other patients to have longer waiting times. Teachers enjoy punctuality as well. Late students disrupt the flow of the class and may miss important information. Friends appreciate punctuality, too! No one likes to be kept waiting. Punctuality is the act of being on time. The opposite of punctuality is tardiness. It is a sign of respect to be on time; it is disrespectful to be late.

Some people are always late. They seem disorganized and easily distracted. Maybe they lose track of time. Maybe they get lost on the way! It doesn't matter what the excuse is, being late annoys those kept waiting. Have you ever had to wait for a friend to show up so that you could do something fun? Have you had a birthday party where you kept waiting for a tardy friend to finally show up? Have you ever stood waiting after school for your ride home, wondering whether you had been forgotten? You know how it feels to watch the clock and wonder what happened to the person who is supposed to meet you. Since you know how it feels, you should be careful not to do that to others.

Since you don't drive, you may wonder how you can control the punctuality issue. After all, you can't just jump in the car and take off to meet your friends! However, there are steps you can take to be more punctual.

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