Punctuation Challenge

Punctuation Challenge

Reading Comprehension for August 12

Punctuation helps a reader make sense of every story, article, or letter that he reads. Without punctuation marks, the words would seem crammed together. Try to read a paragraph as if it had no punctuation. You won't even have time to take a breath.

When the writer adds punctuation, the reader knows where to pause, and the words flow more smoothly - like when you're talking to a friend, only more organized!

Challenge #1

Read the following information about punctuation. Underline or highlight each punctuation mark as you read about it.

There are three kinds of punctuation that signal the end of a sentence. All three tell the reader to pause, but each one has a specific meaning too.

The period at the end of this sentence is one kind of end punctuation.

Sometimes a period just doesn't do the job. You wouldn't put a period at the end of the next sentence. Would you? Why do you use a different end mark here?

If you said, "Because it's a question," you're right! Exclamation point!

Did you see the three end punctuation marks - period, question mark, and exclamation point? Each one was used to end a particular type of sentence.

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