Queen of Light

Queen of Light

Reading Comprehension for December 13

The sun helps many things. It helps plants grow. It warms the earth. People can tell time by using the sun. It wakes us up when it rises. It tells us it is time to sleep when it sets.

In some places near the North and South Poles, the sun does not rise and set every day. In the winter months, the sun does not rise. In the summer months, the sun does not set. Sweden is a country in Europe. It is near the Arctic Circle. This area is called "The Land of the Midnight Sun." In the summer, the sun shines even at midnight. In the winter, there is not much sunlight. Many people look forward to seeing the sun again.

A holiday was created to celebrate light. December 13th is Santa Lucia Day. Lucia means light. The story of Santa Lucia is a legend. A legend is a story. It is told over and over for many years. The legend says that Lucia was a woman. She had courage. She was kind. She showed love to all people. Older people said that Lucia would wake up early. She would bring food and drink to poor people.

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