Raptor Rehab

Caption: a red-tailed hawk

Angela held onto the large bird firmly. His large, golden eyes watched her with growing annoyance. She kept an eye on his large, hooked beak.

"Just hold still a moment longer, and we'll be done," she assured the hawk.

"There," said Cathy, the vet tech at the wildlife rehab center. "We'll get his blood sent off and tested for diseases like West Nile. He needs a full checkup to see what is wrong with him."

"Maybe he just wanted company," joked Angela.

Cathy didn't say anything. Instead, she just gave Angela a look that said, "Let's not be silly."

"You did do a good job at holding Emil still. He thrashed a lot when we tried to do a blood draw earlier," said Cathy.

"How did he come to be here?" asked Angela as they put the red tail back in his enclosure.

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