She's a Grand Old Flag

Every morning our class does something special. First we stand up. Then we place our right hands over our hearts. Finally, we look to the flag and say the Pledge of Allegiance. Then we sit down and begin our day. One morning, while looking at the flag, I began thinking. Why does the flag look the way that it does? Why does it have so many stars and stripes? Why is it red, white, and blue?

The U.S. flag has been around for a really long time. The first flag was made in 1776. Many people believe that Betsy Ross sewed the very first one. The first flag had thirteen stripes. It also had thirteen stars. These stars were in a circle. The stars and stripes stood for the thirteen colonies. Now, Old Glory is a bit different. It still has thirteen stripes. These stripes still stand for the thirteen original colonies. But today's flag has fifty stars. There is one star for each of the fifty states. These stars are not in a circle. They wouldn't all fit! Instead, they are in rows.

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