Jump Out of Bed Month

Reading Comprehension for January 18

Erin crept into her brother Danny's room. He had pulled the shades down, and it was dark. Erin flipped on the light. "Time to get up, sleepyhead," she cried. Then she turned and ran down the hall, laughing.

Danny jumped out of bed with a start. "Erin! I'll get you for this!" He cried as he ran out of his bedroom after his little sister. He chased her down the stairs and into the kitchen just as Erin ran to hide behind their mom.

"What's going on?" asked Mom.

"She turned on the light!" said Danny crossly. "I was sleeping!"

Mom looked at Erin. "That wasn't a very nice way to wake up your brother."

Danny scowled at Erin.

"I guess I should have told you how to wake him up," Mom said to Erin. Then she turned to Danny. "On the other hand, you have been oversleeping ever since winter vacation. You need to start getting up at the regular time."

"But, why did she have to wake me by turning on the light? She scared me half to death!"

"It's 'Jump Out of Bed Month'," said Erin softly. "I learned about it in school yesterday. My teacher read us a story about a little girl who woke everybody up by turning on the lights. They all jumped out of bed, just like you." Erin giggled. "I thought it would be a fun thing to try."

Mom looked at Erin. "Next time, I want you to wake him gently."

Erin frowned. "That wouldn't be much fun."

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