So Raven

When Kelly got home from school, she was allowed to watch TV. Her parents said she could watch one program. The Disney Channel was her favorite. She could not wait to watch That's So Raven. Her favorite character was Raven, of course.

Raven-Symone is the star of That's So Raven. She was born on December 10, 1985, in Georgia. When she was born, her parents named her Raven-Symone Christina Pearman. She became known as Raven-Symone. Raven's parents got her involved in modeling. When she was a baby, she did advertisements. When she was two years old, she did TV commercials.

When she was three, she became a part of a TV show. It was called The Cosby Show. Raven played the step-daughter of one of the main characters. Her character's name was Olivia. It was a very popular show. Raven was on the show for three years. After that, Raven starred in another TV show. She then went on to star in movies. Her first movie was Dr. Dolittle.

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