Structure - The Empire State Building

The Empire State Building is a man-made structure. It was made by people. A structure is something that has been put together using many different parts. Structures are sturdy when the parts are put together correctly. Think for a moment about building blocks. Pretend your job is to use the blocks to build the tallest tower you possibly can. The tower you make will need to stand up straight without falling over. The building also must hold up to high winds. Blow on the side of your building. It should not fall over. Building the Empire State Building was not easy. Many very smart people created a plan to follow. Workers were very organized and skilled.

The word "structure" also means to organize something. Workers had to know exactly where large pieces of steel were to be placed. They did not want the building to fall. They also needed to know how many pieces of steel to use and how to hold the pieces together. The building is 102 stories tall. It has 9,000 sink faucets. It has 73 elevators. A crew of more than 3,000 workers .....

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