Sue Stauffacher

Sue Stauffacher (STOFF-ick-er) likes to show kids that reading can be fun. Many kids don't like to read. Some think it is boring. Some kids don't like to read because it is hard for them. Sue Stauffacher likes finding books that make reading fun for kids who say they don't like to read. She finds books that tell stories about kids just like them. She looks for books about the things that they like. Some kids like stories about sports. Some like books about fashion. Some kids want to read stories about people with the same problems that they have. Sue Stauffacher knows that there are books out there for every kid. She likes to help make sure kids find books that they love.

Sue Stauffacher does more than just help kids find books to read. She is also a writer. She writes books for kids. Her books are funny and tell stories about odd characters. Harry Sue is a story about a girl who is trying to get put in jail! Donuthead is about a boy who is afraid of almost everything. She wrote her own comic book series, called Wireman, to help kids who don't want to read books. She also wrote an Animal Rescue Team book series. It is based on real events that happened when wild animals and humans crossed paths!

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