TV Dinner, Anyone?

TV Dinner Day

Reading Comprehension for December 1

"I love that show!" I said to Mary Ellen as we scuffled down the sidewalk through the remains of fallen leaves. "We watch it all the time!"

We were talking about the funny videos show that was on at 8:00 Sunday evenings. It showed home videos people had recorded of hilarious things that happened to them. My family watches it together just about every Sunday evening. We usually heat up TV dinners and eat a late supper while we watch. It's the only night I am allowed to eat a frozen dinner.

This past Sunday as I munched on my fried chicken and mashed potato meal, I wondered, "Who came up with the idea of a TV dinner, anyway? Did someone plop some leftovers on a plate and freeze them?"

My question would be answered soon, although I didn't realize it at the time.

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