The Abolitionist Movement

Caption: Frederick Douglass

As slavery grew in the South, the number of people who didn't want slavery grew in the North. Abolitionists were people who wanted to end slavery completely in the United States. Some wanted slavery to end slowly. They thought it would gradually end if it wasn't allowed in the new states in the West. Others demanded that slavery end right away.

African Americans who were free had a large part in this idea of ending slavery. Some tried to end slavery in the courts. They filed lawsuits. Others had people sign petitions. In 1820, an abolitionist newspaper was started. In the newspaper were stories about how badly slaves were treated. Other abolitionist newspapers were started. The writers hoped that these stories would make more people want to end slavery. Maria Stewart spoke out against slavery. She was one of the first African-American women to do this. Others called for much stronger things. Some called for African Americans to free themselves any way that they could.

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