The Best Sandwich

National Sandwich Day

Reading Comprehension for November 3

Ray followed his nose into the kitchen. Taking a deep breath, he looked in the oven window.

"The bread smells so good, Mom," said Ray. "Is it almost done?"

Mom nodded. "I am almost ready to take the loaves out of the oven."

The electronic timer began beeping. Mom tapped the button to turn it off. Pulling on her oven mitts, she opened the oven door. The smell of the hot, yeasty bread rushed into the room. Ray took a deep breath of the sweet smell and sighed. One by one, Mom set the three brown, crusty loaves on the stovetop.

"Those smell so good," said Ray longingly. "When can I taste some?"

"We need to let the loaves sit for a few minutes to cool," said Mom. "If you don't mind waiting, I can cut you a couple of slices for a late lunch. What kind of sandwich would you prefer - peanut butter and honey, salami, or ham and cheese?"

Ray thought about it for a moment. "They all sound good, but peanut butter and honey are especially good on homemade bread."

He sat at the kitchen table. He liked being in the warm room. When he thought of home, he thought of the kitchen. It was always the best room in the house.

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