The Bone Fires, Part 1

Adag shook the water from his hair before pulling his tunic over his dark, straggly head. He grinned over at his friend Becc who had been in the same state of undress.

"Brr, that water's cold," complained Becc. "Why couldn't we have gone to the rath and had nice hot baths?"

"Because it would have taken longer," said Adag. "We'd have had to talk to Breda, and she'd probably have made us draw the baths ourselves. It's not like they keep a servant just to have them ready for anyone who wants one. Besides, hot baths are tempting. I don't want to be soaking when there is so much to do."

"Adag, are you and Becc done with your washing?" asked Maura, Adag's mother. "I have food ready for you."

Adag and Becc finished scrambling into their fresh clothes. Breakfast seemed a long time ago, and their day had been full of activity.

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