The Corny Search

"Okay," Stephanie said to Ann as they looked at the clues. "The next step is to find a container of candy corn."

Ann peered over Stephanie's shoulder. "Do they give any hints as to where this container may be?"

"Hmm, let's see," Stephanie said as she backed up and sat on a nearby bench. She read:

You'll find the corn
in a place
that reminds us of
a famous face.
This man sailed
the ocean blue
and found a land
in 1492.

Ann looked around for a minute. Then she tapped Stephanie's shoulder excitedly. "Look! Over there! Isn't that a statue of Christopher Columbus?"

"Yes! I bet that's where the container of candy corn is. Let's go!"

Ann and Stephanie ran to the statue. They began to poke at the bushes around the base of it, looking for a small container. They didn't notice the police officer coming up behind them.

"Excuse me, ladies," a kind but firm voice said. "Did you lose something?"

Ann and Stephanie jumped. "Oh, hello, officer. No, we didn't lose anything. But we are looking for something."

The officer looked at them quizzically. "What are you looking for?"

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