The Eyes Have It

You have two eyes. They help you to see amazing things everyday. Blue skies, butterflies, and the smile on your friend's face are beautiful things to see. Most people don't think about their eyes. But you need to take care of them.

You blink many times each minute. This helps keep your eyes clear. Blinking helps wipe the dust particles out of your eyes. It also keeps them moist.

Have you ever gotten something in your eye? Usually it will start to water. Your tears help protect your eyes by washing dust and other things out of them.

If you get something in your eye, don't rub it! Rubbing can scratch your eye. Then it will feel even worse. Instead, use eye drops to try to get the dirt out. Tilt your head back. Hold the bottle upside down. Put it close to your eye, but not on it. Squeeze a few drops into your eye. Then blink a few times. If the object doesn't come out right away, try again.

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