The Goose Feather Bed

National Goose Day

Reading Comprehension for September 29

Marie loved staying at Grandma's house. There was the old farmhouse, the wide open fields, and the kittens in the barn. But what she liked most of all was the bed she slept in at night. It felt so good and was so soft and deep that she liked to go to bed. Marie would snuggle down and watch the moon rise through her window.

"Grandma," asked Marie as she helped make up the bed, "Why is this bed so nice and soft?"

"It's a feather bed," said Grandma. "It's made of soft goose feathers and down. That is why it is so nice."

"Where did you get all the goose feathers?" asked Marie. "You don't have geese."

"No, I don't," said Grandma. "My mother made this bed for me. She had a large flock of geese."

"Did she pick up the feathers one by one?" asked Marie.

"No," said Grandma. "They had the geese for food. Whenever my mother was preparing a goose for a meal, she would save all of the feathers and down."

"What is down?" asked Marie.

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