The Memory Box

Veteran's Day

Reading Comprehension for November 11

"Mom," asked Carla, as she pointed to the closet shelf, "what is in that box?"

"Those are some things that belonged to your grandfather," said Mom.

"May I see them?" asked Carla.

"Yes," said Mom, "but you must be very careful. They are old, and we do not want them to be hurt."

Mom pulled the green cardboard box off the shelf and set it on the bed. Then she took a tissue and wiped off the layer of dust on top.

"It has been a long time since this was opened," she said and sat down next to it.

Carla sat on the other side of the box as Mom opened the lid. Inside was an old leather change purse, several yellowed newspaper articles, photos, and a pile of letters bound together with string.

Mom lifted the things out one by one. First she handed the coin purse to Carla. "Why don't you look and see what coins are in here," she said.

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