The Nervous Sleep

What's your favorite way to relax? Do you have a hobby that completely puts your mind at ease? Think about the last time you saw a really great movie. For the first few minutes of the movie, you noticed people sitting around you - your friends, your family, the people sitting right in front of you. As the movie got really good, you probably forgot about the people sitting around you. If the movie was absolutely amazing, you even might have forgotten you were in the movie theater!

Many people believe that being that involved in a movie is a kind of hypnosis. Your mind relaxes and focuses so much on the movie that you react as if the movie was real. You jump in your seat when something is scary. You cry when something is sad. It's almost like the movie is wired directly to your brain.

Scientists, doctors, therapists, and entertainers use this idea to hypnotize people. They get their subjects relaxed and very focused. They are so relaxed and focused they forget about the people around them. They respond to suggestions much like people do in a movie theater. They're "caught up in the moment" and feel free to do what is suggested.

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