The Queen and I

National Honey Month

Reading Comprehension for September 1

"I am a very important bee," Mizz told her friends. "I know the Queen."

Mizz was bragging again. She liked to talk about herself. She was just a worker like all the other bees. But she thought she was special.

"Mizz, you don't know the Queen," Bizz said. "I bet you have never seen her.

"Yes, I have," Mizz said. "She told me how to make honey. When she gets old, I will make honey for her."

All the little bees laughed. Honeybees gather the sweet nectar.

Mizz was very angry.

"I'll show you," she said. "I will make some honey now. Then you will see!"

The other little bees shook their heads.

"Okay, Mizz," they said. "You go ahead and make some honey for us. Then we will believe you."

The little bees flew away. They left Mizz all by herself.

"They will be sorry," she said. "I can make honey!"

Mizz knew that she had to get some nectar. She flew to some orange trees. The flowers were just right.

Mizz put her long tongue down in the flower. Her tongue was hollow like a straw. She sucked the nectar into her honey stomach. (Honeybees have two stomachs, a honey stomach and a regular stomach.)

"That's one flower," she said. "Now I need about 499 more flowers!"

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