The Red Sweater

Sweaters are warm. Sweaters are comfortable. A sweater may be knit. It may have a zipper. It may slide over a head. Sweaters come in all colors. Some sweaters have designs. Can a sweater be famous? When it belongs to Mister Rogers, it is.

Mister Rogers' Neighborhood was a show for children. Fred Rogers created the show. Fred Rogers was born in 1928. He was born in Pennsylvania. He was an only child for many years. His parents were foster parents. They helped children who did not have homes. They acted as parents to the children. George was a foster child. Fred thought of him as his brother.

Fred spent a lot of time with his grandpa when he was little. As a child, Fred was creative. He liked to use his imagination. He was interested in music. His mother played the piano. Fred often sang along. He also liked puppets.

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