The Travels of the Hat, Part 1: Lost in Charleston

Hat Day

Reading Comprehension for January 15

"I can't believe it," Keith said. "I kept that hat on for two days, and now it is gone!"

Keith always wore a gray baseball hat while he rode his boogie board in the ocean. He wanted to protect his head from sunburn.

"It came off three times today, but I found it each time!"

This time, a larger wave had splashed over Keith's head, knocking his hat off. He looked around, but the tide had already swept the hat away.

"You know," his friend said, "Your hat may travel around the world now. Wouldn't it be interesting to see where it goes?"

"I suppose," Keith said with disappointment in his voice. He dragged his board up to their blanket. "I guess I'll have to get another hat."


And so we begin "The Travels of the Hat"...

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