Three R's to Help the Earth

The environment is in trouble. One big environmental problem is trash. Trash is everywhere. It is taking over oceans and land. Today, people are becoming more aware of how to help the planet. Many people reduce, reuse, and recycle.

Reducing means making smaller or making less of something. If every person can reduce the amount of trash they throw away, less trash will go to landfills.

Reusing means finding other uses for things instead of throwing them away. People have been finding new ways to use old things for years. In the 1930s, reusing was a necessary part of life. During the Great Depression, people could not afford to buy new things. They reused the things they had. Today, some people find new uses for old things in their own home. For example, we can reuse glass or plastic food jars to store other items, or we can reuse plastic bags several times instead of throwing them in the trash. Some people donate toys or clothes they no longer want instead of putting them into the trash. Other people can reuse them.

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