Timmy Discovers Static Electricity

Static Electricity Day

Reading Comprehension for January 9

Timmy shuffled his feet along the carpet, grinning widely as he looked toward his sister, Bethany. She was completely unaware of his intentions as she sat on the couch reading.

"Zap!" Timothy roared, as he touched his sister's arm and gave her a shock of static electricity.

"Ouch!" Bethany cried. "That hurt! Mom!"

Timothy ran off laughing at the chaos he had caused. Mom came into the room to check on the commotion.

"What's wrong?" Mom asked.

"Timmy zapped me," Bethany said.

"How did he do that?" asked Mom.

"I don't know. He came running up to me, and when he touched me, I got zapped!" Bethany replied.

"Timothy!" Mom called to her son.

Timmy walked into the room smiling sheepishly. "Yes, Mom?"

"What did you do to your sister?" Mom asked.

"It was an accident, really," said Timmy.

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