Tony Johnston

Tony Johnston is a successful children's author living in California. Many of her books are written for elementary students, but she has also written picture books and books for readers at the middle school level. Johnston shares her love for stories through her thoughtful, appealing books.

Tony grew up in San Marino, California. Ever since she was a young child, she liked to create stories. As she got older, she started collecting articles about different topics like history, dinosaurs, and people. She also made up versions of well-known stories like King Arthur. After Tony finished high school, she decided to attend college at Stanford. She earned two degrees in college and then became an elementary school teacher.

When Johnston began teaching fourth grade, she had many ideas. Because her head was so full of ideas, she loved to write stories and share them with her students. They enjoyed hearing her stories. Johnston hoped to have these stories published one day, and other teachers encouraged her to do this.

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