Too Busy for Breakfast

Mrs. Jameson was a very busy woman. She had an important job. She had three children. She was the president of her club. She had so much to do. She never had an extra minute. She didn't even eat breakfast. She said that it took too long and, besides, she wasn't really hungry when she got up.

Mrs. Jameson thought it was a good thing not to eat breakfast. Instead of wasting time eating, she could pack lunches. She could take a shower. There was no point in eating breakfast. That's what Mrs. Jameson thought.

And then one day, something terrible happened. Mrs. Jameson was at work. She was trying to write a report. For some reason, she couldn't find her files. Miss Thomas came to help her look. Mrs. Jameson told Miss Thomas to go away. She said, "I don't need your help!" That hurt Miss Thomas's feelings. She left the office.

Mrs. Jameson felt bad. She didn't know what made her say that. She liked Miss Thomas. She didn't want to hurt her feelings. She got up from her chair. She would go tell Miss Thomas that she was sorry.

Mrs. Jameson started toward the door. Her head felt funny. She ran into the edge of her desk. Ouch! That really hurt! Mrs. Jameson stumbled and then caught hold of the door. She almost fell.

"What is wrong with me?" Mrs. Jameson asked herself. "I can't think clearly. I am angry with others for no reason. I can't find things. I feel tired all the time."

"Excuse me," Miss Thomas said. "Are you all right, Mrs. Jameson?"

"I'm not sure," Mrs. Jameson said. "I don't know what's going on."

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