Trevor Ferrell: A Story of Brotherly Love

Trevor Ferrell was an eleven-year-old sixth grader. One December evening in 1983, he was watching a news broadcast on a Philadelphia television station about the homeless. The broadcast upset Trevor. He did not understand why people had no place to sleep. It was going to be very cold. At the time, Trevor thought there was only one homeless man. He wanted to help. He looked around his house. He noticed there were several blankets and pillows his family didn't really need. He asked if he could take a pillow and blanket to the homeless man. He pestered his dad until he drove him into a place called Center City.

Trevor found a homeless man lying on a sidewalk grate. He was astonished that people were living in such desperate conditions. He gave his pillow and blanket to the man. It was at this time that Trevor realized there were many more homeless people on the street that needed food and comfort.

The experience changed Trevor's life. He could not forget what he had seen. He wanted to make a difference. Eleven-year old Trevor began searching for more pillows, blankets, and food to bring to the homeless. He went around his neighborhood asking for donations. The very next night, he went back with his parents to give away all the things he had collected. Soon, it became a regular routine for Trevor and his family.

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