Trimming Hedges

There are many different gardening jobs that need to be done in the summer. The lawns need mowing, and the gardens need watering. If you have hedges growing around your house, you will have to trim these. Trimming hedges helps keep them healthy and looking nice.

Most hedges only have to be trimmed one time in the summer. If the hedges grow fast, you might have to trim them three or four times. Some hedges are trimmed in the summer. Other hedges are trimmed in the spring. Go to a garden center if you don't know when to trim the hedges around your house.

A rule of thumb is if you want a low hedge, prune it early. Then prune it again a few more times during the summer. If you want a large hedge, wait until later in the summer to trim it. Then don't prune it a lot after that.

You can use hand trimmers to cut the hedges. You can also use electric trimmers. Which one you pick is up to you. Some people think that hand trimmers are easier to control. If you use electric trimmers, keep yourself safe. Wear safety glasses and long sleeve shirts. Make sure you understand how to run the machine.

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