Up, Up, And Away

Up, Up, and Away

Reading Comprehension for November 21

The sky was scattered with colored dots. They were moving slowly. The dots were floating. Some of the dots had pictures. Some of them looked like rainbows. All of them had baskets. There were people inside. The world must seem quiet and small from up in the sky.

The first hot air balloon was built by the Montgolfier brothers. They were from Paris, France. Their family owned a paper factory. Joseph Montgolfier was an inventor. He was interested in how things worked. Jacques Montgolfier was a businessman. He worked in the family's paper business.

At first, their balloon did not stay up. They did not give up. They tried many times. They changed some things. Then, the balloon stayed up. They tried sending up animals in their balloon. They sent up a sheep. They sent a duck and a rooster, too. The animals were in the air for 8 minutes.

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