Using a Restaurant Menu

No matter where you go out to eat when you are away from home, you are going to see a menu. In a fast food restaurant, the menu may be hanging on the wall. Other restaurants will seat you and then give you a menu to look at. No matter what kind of menu you are looking at, you will have to make some decisions.

One decision is what you want to drink. Drink choices will be listed on the menu. You will also have to choose the size. In some fast food restaurants, you will only be allowed to fill the cup once. In a sit down restaurant, you will often have unlimited refills. Drinks in sit down restaurants can cost more because of this.

Sit down restaurants often have appetizers on their menu. An appetizer is a small serving of food that is eaten before the main meal. However, many appetizers today are large enough to eat as an entire meal. You can order one when you order your drink or when you order your main meal. The appetizer should come before the rest of your meal.

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