A walrus is a large mammal. They are even larger than polar bears! They have two large tusks. Tusks are teeth that stick out from their upper jaws. Around their mouths are many bristly whiskers. They use these to find food. They have very little hair or fur on the rest of their bodies. Their thick pink or brown wrinkled skin makes them look bald!

Walrus live in the Arctic. They keep warm with blubber. Blubber is fat under the skin. Their blubber may be six inches thick! The biggest walruses may be twelve feet long. They may weigh as much as four thousand pounds.

They use their tusks to fight. They use them to pull their heavy bodies out of the water. A walrus may also use its tusks to keep holes in the ice open. A walrus must come to the surface to breathe air. If its hole in the ice freezes over, it would die.

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