Johnny rode into town on his horse, Buck. He had some letters that needed to be dropped at the post office. He hitched his horse to the rail outside the post office. As he climbed off, he waved hello to some of the local townspeople.

Johnny sauntered into the post office. He took off his hat. That is what a gentleman cowboy does. There were two people already in line. Johnny waited patiently. He eyed the posters on the wall. He saw posters of men that were wanted by the law. Most of the men had robbed banks. Some had done crimes much worse.

Johnny looked closely at one poster. He read, "Reward for the capture of one Patrick Henry McCarty, better known as "Billy the Kid." He is five feet eight inches tall, has blue eyes and light hair. Five thousand dollars will be paid to anyone who can capture him and bring him to any sheriff in the country. Be careful! He is extremely dangerous!"

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