What Is Health Insurance?

Are you covered? In other words, do you have health insurance? If you're not sure, then chances are you don't. It is a good idea to get some. Health insurance helps you pay your medical bills.

Health insurance covers the "what ifs" in life. "What if" you have to have stitches? "What if" you break your arm? Good health care can be very expensive. If you are sick or injured, you might have to go to an emergency room. Your bill could be $1000 or more!

But if you were "covered" by health insurance, the price you would pay would be much smaller. You might not even have to pay anything.

Here is how health insurance works. If you are sick or injured, you go to the doctor. The doctor sends his bill to your health insurance company. The company pays all or part of the doctor bill. If there is still an amount left over, that is the part you have to pay.

Some insurance companies use a co-pay system. A co-pay is a small charge that you have to pay every time you go to the doctor. It might be only five or ten dollars. You pay it right at the doctor's office when you go. Then the doctor sends his bill to your insurance company. They pay him. You don't even get a bill.

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