What Is Respect?

You have a toy. You like the toy very much. Someone steals your toy. He won't give it back. Would that make you angry? Probably! What else makes you angry? Being angry is okay. People get angry when bad things happen.

What do you do when you're angry? Do you scream? Do you stomp? Do you hit things or people? When you're angry, you still should be nice. It's called respect.

What is respect? It's a feeling you have about someone. Respecting someone means you won't hurt them. You know their feelings are important. You try very hard not to hurt their feelings. Respect makes our lives easier and happier.

Most children learn respect by watching their parents respect them. People who show respect to others are usually very successful in life. People who do not show respect to others usually have a very hard time. Respect is so important that people have made lists of how to show respect. This is a good list.

1. Be honest. If you do something wrong, say you did it and apologize.

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