What Variety of Pizza Do You Like?

Approximately three billion pizzas are sold in America each year. Pizza has become so popular in the United States that in 1987 October was designated as National Pizza Month. How do you like your pizza? There are many kinds of toppings used on pizza. There are also several varieties or styles of pizza. Most of the varieties are associated with a particular region of the U.S.

The variety that is most like an Italian pizza is called the New York-style pizza. This pizza is known for its foldable slices. It also has a thin, hand-tossed crust, made from a special type of bread flour.

Sicilian pizza is another Italian pizza variety. In this pizza, the cheese is placed on the crust before the sauce is added. A Sicilian pizza in the United States is usually a square pie. It uses dough that's over an inch thick.

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