Where Will You Go on Your Vacation?

After working hard for many weeks, you are finally going to get a week off. You deserve a break. But what will you do during your time off? Why not go on a vacation? You've earned it!

A great vacation takes a lot of planning. You need to start many weeks before you want to go. But how do you begin to plan? First, you must decide where you want to go. You'll probably want a little change of scenery for your vacation. You'll want to see some different things.

Try to decide what kind of climate you'd like to vacation in. If you live where it's cold and snowy, you might want to vacation where it's sunny and warm. If you live where it's warm all the time, you might want to take a vacation to the mountains where you will see snow.

What kinds of activities do you want to do while you're on vacation? Do you want to just relax on the beach? Maybe you'd like to do some kind of sport such as skiing, fishing, swimming, or snorkeling. Do you want large crowds around, or do you want to go somewhere more secluded? You need to think about all these things when deciding where you'd like to go.

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