Where's Robbie? Chapter 2

Marisa was worried. Robbie hadn't been quite the same lately. He had gotten quieter. He even seemed completely withdrawn into himself sometimes. Besides, Robbie never skipped school. He really liked school. Where had he been today?

"Hey, Marisa, you look worried. What's up?"

Marisa was walking with Josie. They had walked home from school together nearly every day since second grade. They lived right next door to each other. They were best friends.

"Oh, I'm okay," Marisa said. "It's just Robbie. He wasn't at school today. He's been acting kind of funny lately." She laughed. "I'm just being silly, I guess. I'm sure he's at home with the flu or something."

"Well, if you're worried, why don't you call him later?"

Marisa said she would, and the two girls continued their walk. They started talking about the pep rally tomorrow, but Marisa was still a bit worried.

When Marisa got home, she called Robbie's cell phone and waited for him to answer. He didn't answer, so she left a message. Then she called the Evans's home number. There was no answer. Marisa put down the phone and went into the kitchen to get a snack. While she was there, her father came home.

"How is my beautiful and talented daughter?" he asked as he came into the kitchen.

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