Why Do Immigrants Come Here?

Immigrants have been coming to this country for hundreds of years. The reasons they come are different for each family. They all come hoping to find a better or different life than the one they left behind.

Most people come here to join other members of their family. Almost seventy-five percent come for this reason. Having a family member here can make coming here easier. People can sponsor other members of their families. This includes a husband or wife, parents, or children. Sponsors help immigrants in this country. They can help them to find jobs or places to live. Sponsors help immigrants learn to support themselves.

Some people come to the United States for work. Jobs can be very hard to find in other countries. Sometimes people can't find work that they are trained for. This country has many different kinds of jobs. Many of these jobs also pay very well. This can make it easier for people to come to this country.

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