Your Study Environment

Did you know that there is more to studying than just understanding your learning style - auditory, visual, or kinesthetic? Your unique learning style also has to do with where you study best. Think of it as your study environment. Just as every organism has its own niche in the environment, you must find your "study niche."

If you are at ease, study time won't be a chore. It goes without saying that you will study best where you are comfortable. But what makes you comfortable? Let's look at some things you might not always think about when you study.

Let's talk about the space where you study. Do you like a large, open space or a small, cozy one? Do you like to have other people around? Or are they distracting to you? If you like a large room with lots of people in it, you might want to study at the library. If you need a small, quiet room, you should try to stay at home in your own room, office, or den.

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