Yuko Kavaguti

A very popular competition in the Winter Olympics is ice skating. There are many different kinds of skating competitions. One of them is called pairs skating. In Olympic pairs skating, a man and a woman skate together. It is a very difficult sport. The two skaters must work closely together.

Pairs skating involves some beautiful moves. There are jumps, throws, lifts, and spins. The pair is judged on how well they skate and how well they work together. There have been many famous pairs skaters throughout the history of the Winter Olympics.

Yuko Kavaguti is a pairs skater from Funabashi, Japan. She was born November 20, 1981. She attended college in St. Petersburg, Russia. She started her skating career as a singles skater for her native country. After seeing Russian pairs skaters at the 1998 Winter Olympics in Nagano, Japan, she decided to change to pairs skating.

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