Filling Out and Using Your Assignment Sheet

Filling Out and Using Your Assignment Sheet
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Filling Out and Using Your Assignment Sheet
By Patti Hutchison

1     Sue sat down to do her homework. She had a ton of it tonight! She remembered that every teacher had assigned something. She got her textbooks out of her backpack. She found her favorite pencil and some paper. Sue was ready to go. She decided to start with history. It was her least favorite subject, and she wanted to get it out of the way. Then she could go on to subjects she enjoyed more, such as math and science.
2     Sue looked for the torn paper tab she had stuck in her history textbook. This marked the page where she had to start reading. The tab wasn't there! She looked through the pages for the light pencil circles she had marked around the questions she was supposed to do. She realized she had forgotten to erase the marks for several other assignments. She didn't know which questions she had to do tonight. What was her history assignment?
3     Are you like Sue? Do you have a system for keeping track of your assignments? Is it working for you, or are you unsure most nights about what you have to do? Do you constantly have to keep calling your study buddy to find out what homework you have each night? You need to get, and use, an assignment pad.
4     You don't really need a big fancy assignment book although they are nice to have. All you need is a small spiral notepad and a pen or pencil. Then, you have to use it! But don't just go through the motions. The more information you include on your assignment sheet, the easier your study time will be.
5     First, make sure you put the day and date at the top of a new page each day. This will help you to find the information easily. Using a new page each day will also help you scan your notepad for current or past assignments. Your eye will easily pick up this information if it is written at the top of each page.
6     Now you are ready to start writing in your assignments. Start by writing the name of the class the assignment is for. At the beginning of the semester, you might want to write the period or the time of each class also. This will not only help you to memorize your schedule, but it will also remind you what time each assignment is due. If you don't have time to do everything the night before, you may be able to put off an assignment that is due after a study hall. That way, you can still turn it in on time.
7     Remember to fill in your assignment sheet as soon as the assignment is given. That way you won't forget all the details. Also, you will be able to ask any questions you have about the assignment.
8     You must include important details about each assignment. That way you will be certain to know exactly what you have to do as you sit down to do your homework each evening. First, write the name of the book the assignment is in. You may have more than one book for some classes. For example in English class, you might have an English textbook plus a novel that you are reading. If you write down the name of the book the homework is assigned for, you won't have any confusion.
9     Next, write down the page numbers for the assignment. Sometimes the teacher will write them on the board. Double check to see that you have written the correct pages. If the page numbers are not written on the board, check with a study buddy to make sure you have the right ones.

Paragraphs 10 to 17:
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