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Writing Worksheets
Free 6th Grade Writing Worksheets:
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Writing Worksheets for Sixth Grade

In the sixth grade, the writing curriculum should focus on producing error-free, cohesive, multi-paragraph essays. At this age, students are expected to write increasingly complex essays and narratives that include a formal introduction, ample supporting evidence, and a solid conclusion. The language arts worksheets on this page are a great way to give your sixth grader a chance to practice these skills. They're fun to work on, so kids actually enjoy doing them!

What's in These Writing Worksheets?

It takes years to become an effective writer. So the more practice you can give your students the better. The 6th grade writing worksheets on this page are an endless resource full of fun exercises, puzzles, and writing prompts. They ask students to do things like write a topic sentence, practice grammar, properly use your vs. you're, pick a viewpoint on a topic, and write an opinion piece for a newspaper.

Give your sixth-grade child a chance to show you how imaginative they can be with their writing! This page offers a virtually endless supply of writing prompts and exercises that can be printed out and used anywhere you can take a pen and paper. Once printed, there's no need for an internet connection, and writing longform is a great way for kids to practice their penmanship and fine motor skills, something that digital tools don't offer.

These easy, no-prep worksheets are perfect for parents and teachers who want to give students more writing practice. Try one today and see how much fun your sixth graders have completing these worksheets!