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In the Swim!
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Reading Level
     edHelper's suggested reading level:   grades 5 to 6
     Flesch-Kincaid grade level:   4.45

     challenging words:    much-needed, Pelletier, well-supervised, monetary, long-time, heated, aerobics, provided, cardiovascular, regularly, celebration, flip-flops, indoor, remodel, member, however
     content words:    Sally Hudson
In the Swim!

By Beth Beutler
1     There it stood, tall and bright. The sunlight reflected on the windows that rose from ground level to the point three stories up. A red ribbon blocked everyone's entrance to the front door, and a growing group gathered at the courtyard entrance. It was grand opening day.
2     Mrs. Pelletier and her sons Matthew and Lucas eagerly jumped out of the mini-van. They had belonged to this YMCA ever since the boys were toddlers. Two years ago, a long-time member had passed away and left a large monetary gift to the Y. The board of directors decided to use it to build a much-needed addition and to remodel the swimming pool area.
3     For two years, Mrs. Pelletier and the boys came to the Y three days a week after school. The boys participated in an exercise and sports program, while Mrs. Pelletier used the exercise machines and the pool. She made it a point to swim laps three days a week. She had found it hard to lose about 10 pounds that her doctor told her she needed to shed. However, when she started swimming regularly, she found that she slowly but surely lost the weight and kept it off. Plus, she felt her endurance grow. She had even joined a water aerobics class. Boy, was she sore after the first few classes! But, she found her arms and legs getting stronger and stronger.
4     As time went on, Mrs. Pelletier, Matthew, and Lucas had eagerly watched the progress of the building of the new, Olympic-size indoor swimming pool. It was three times the size of the little pool they had used, and the new pool was heated, too! It had a wheelchair ramp at one end to allow those with a disability to enjoy the shallow end of the pool and even an indoor patio space for parties and concessions.
5     Finally, the day had come to try it out. They walked toward the patio area where snacks and drinks were provided as part of the grand opening celebration.
6     "Let's swim first," Mrs. Pelletier suggested, "and then we can get some snacks."
7     The boys, already dressed in swim trunks, pulled off their shirts and jumped right in. Since they were well-supervised by trained lifeguards, Mrs. Pelletier went to the locker room to change. There she saw Sally Hudson, one of the swimming instructors.
8     "How are you doing today, Mrs. Pelletier?" the young, trim Sally asked.
9     "I'm great. Looking forward to trying out the new pool," Mrs. Pelletier answered, as she pulled her towel out of her bag.

Paragraphs 10 to 16:
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