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Remember Me
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Reading Level
     edHelper's suggested reading level:   grades 5 to 7
     Flesch-Kincaid grade level:   4.9

     challenging words:    encouraging, dressy, prom, album, corsage, bride, fell, collie, photo, engine, pages, neither, such, bonnet, wedding, against
     content words:    Desirée Diamond, Maybe Granny
Remember Me

By Brenda B. Covert
1     Desirée Diamond found a dusty photo album on a bottom shelf in a cabinet in Granny Taylor's bedroom. It was a rainy afternoon, and there was nothing to watch on TV. Snooping in Granny's things was all Desirée could think of to do to pass the time.
2     She curled up on the side of the couch that wasn't sagging and opened the album. She saw black and white photographs with white edges all around. The woman in them looked familiar. Oh! That was Granny when her hair was still brown and her cheeks were still smooth! Seeing her grandmother as a young woman fascinated Desirée. There she was beside a car. In another picture she was hugging a big collie. Then she was dressed up in old-fashioned clothes with a corsage pinned to her shoulder. Oh, those clothes were probably not old-fashioned back then. Maybe Granny was going to the prom.
3     Turning the pages, Desirée came to a few color photos of Granny in a wedding dress. "You were so beautiful," Desirée whispered to her. Desirée's grandfather stood tall and thin beside his bride. It was one of the few pictures that Grandpa had not taken himself.
4     There were more photos of Granny. First she was standing beside a mailbox; then she stood on the steps of a small mill house. A few pages later she was wearing a dressy suit and standing sideways in the doorway; her belly was as big as a watermelon and almost touched the other side! "She must have been expecting my mama then," Desirée thought.
5     The baby photos were next. Oh, Mama was such a precious baby! Desirée lingered over each one, wondering whether she had been as cute a baby as that.
6     At that moment a car with a rattling engine pulled up outside. Granny was home! Desirée didn't know whether to hide the album or keep looking at it as if she hadn't found it by snooping. She really wanted Granny to look at the pictures with her. The album stayed in her lap as the door opened.
7     Granny shook out her umbrella and stood it against the wall. "Hello, Ray," she said, calling her granddaughter by her pet name. "What have you got there?" She pulled off her rain bonnet and raincoat and hung them over the back of a dining chair before approaching the couch.
8     "Look, Granny! There are pictures of Mama in here!" Desirée's hopeful look begged Granny not to be mad and begged her to tell Desirée stories about the beautiful mama the young girl could barely remember.

Paragraphs 9 to 16:
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