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How Are You Intelligent?

How Are You Intelligent?
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How Are You Intelligent?
By Patti Hutchison

1     Many people ask, "How intelligent are you?" The question should be, "How are you intelligent?" Everyone is born with a certain amount of "brain capacity." You have probably heard someone refer to your IQ or intelligence quotient. Everyone has an IQ. But did you know that people can be intelligent in different ways?
2     Some people call these "intelligences" talents. You can use your talents to help you learn. Schools focus on language and mathematical talents. You probably know someone who is really good with words. They speak and write very well. They read classical novels (and understand them!). Some may be poets or write for the school newspaper. They are the English teacher's dream and always get "A's" in literature classes. These people are "word smart."
3     People who are good with numbers have another talent. These people love to do math in their heads. They get "A's" in trigonometry, and they can apply it to real life. Having good numerical reasoning skills is another way to be intelligent.
4     Some people are talented at sports. They hit homeruns, make the most baskets, and swim the fastest laps. "Body smarts" is another type of intelligence. Others are musically talented. These people can sing and dance. They play more than one musical instrument. They may hum or tap their pencils to a beat. Music and rhythm are very important in their lives.

Paragraphs 5 to 14:
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